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How to perfect the Pencil mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to perfect the Pencil mustache
Pencil Mustache, a facial hair style

About the Pencil mustache

Currently there is a huge spike in popularity for thick, full facial hair styles such as full beards and goatees. However, if you like the idea of sporting a little facial hair without a huge amount of commitment, the Pencil mustache may be an option to consider.

The Pencil mustache is a vintage style which has a classic Hollywood vibe. The style is unmistakable, and we think this look will be around for as long as time.

The Pencil mustache can simply be one line of hair that runs directly across the upper lip. Alternatively, a small gap can be shaven off down the center, forming a distinctive section of hair for each half of the mustache.

Who suits the Pencil mustache?

Famously worn by Clarke Gable, the Pencil mustache has been sported by a huge variety of men. It is great for a man who does not want to dedicate a huge amount of time to their facial hair. Additionally, great for someone who does not have a huge amount of skills in this area, or the patience and desire to develop those skills.

The Pencil mustache oozes elegance and sophistication, so the rest of your look should match this. The hair on your head should be kept styled and neat and you should be well dressed.

Due to the Pencil mustache having such a relatively small amount of hair, the color of your facial hair must be considered. The Pencil mustache looks great on men with darker hair, as the small style still stands out. For men with fairer hair, this look should generally be avoided. The limited amount of hair can get somewhat lost on the face with blonder men.

How to grow the Pencil mustache

Many men report that the hair on the upper lip is the fastest growing of all the facial hair, meaning that it should not take long to achieve the Pencil mustache.

Before beginning to shape the Pencil mustache, allow the mustache hair to grow out to a decent length. Growing ample hair on the upper lip will make shaping the Pencil mustache much easier. Throughout this growing process, ensure the rest of your face is regularly shaved.

Use a variety of settings on your trimmer to incrementally trim the mustache. Gradually shorten the hair until your desired length is reached. The tricky part is shaving the hair just below your nose, to leave a very thin line of hair just above the upper lip. This is an intricate style to perfect and may take a little practice. 

We think the thinner the Pencil mustache is, the better it looks.

Maintaining your Pencil mustache

You should treat your face as you would if you were going clean shaven. The vast majority of your face will be shaved regularly so it is imperative you keep it in great condition. After all, the Pencil mustache is reserved for the good looking and sophisticated men among us.