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How to trim and style the petite goatee > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to trim and style the petite goatee
Petite Goatee, a facial hair style

The petite goatee is essentially a tamer version of the Norse Skipper beard. The hair should start just below your bottom lip and form a small teardrop shape on your chin. There should be no hair anywhere else on your face.

Who wears a petite goatee?

Like most other facial hair styles, this beard looks great on men with oval shaped faces. However, it also looks fantastic on men with square shaped faces. As this small amount of hair on the chin helps to soften the face shape, just the right amount.

We love how easily the different styles of goatee can be chopped and changed. The petite goatee is perfect for someone who loves changing their beard regularly, or someone who is experimenting to find the style that is perfect for them.

How to trim the petite goatee

If you are a man who loves to play around with your facial hair style, then we recommend purchasing an all-purpose trimmer. This will make shaping the petite goatee easy.

There is no need for a trip to the barbers, you should be able to shape this goatee at home, relatively fuss free.

If you are starting from a point of a clean shaven face, then we recommend a few weeks of growth before you begin to shape the petite goatee. The desired length for the petite goatee normally takes around 4 weeks’ worth of growth.

The first step to styling the petite goatee is to do an all over trim. Although this does not bring in the shape of the goatee, it does help reduce tugging when you begin shaving at the next stage.

Lather up your face with shaving foam before you begin to form the shape of the goatee. All hair on the neck, cheeks and upper lip should be removed, emphasizing the petite goatee remaining on the chin. Throughout this shave, regularly rinse your razor to prevent buildup of hairs and shaving foam. This will result in a more pleasant and closer shave.

When the rest of the face is shaved, it is time to form the iconic teardrop shape. Trim away at the corners of the bottom of your beard, making it slightly pointed in the middle.

Once the shave is complete, rinse your face with cool water. This will encourage your pores to close back up to prevent any dirt getting trapped inside. Gently towel dry your face and generously apply moisturizer. A good quality alcohol free moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and looking its best. 

Maintaining and styling the petite goatee

The shape of the petite goatee can be enhanced by the use of beard balms and waxes. However, due to the relatively short length of this beard, it will require very little product and styling. Regularly trim the goatee, to prevent it becoming wild and unruly. Also, it is essential to shave your cheeks, neck, and upper lip often to keep the shape of the petite goatee prominent.