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How to style the Rap Industry Standard beard > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to style the Rap Industry Standard beard
Rap Industry Standard Beard, a facial hair style

We categorize this more as a goatee than a beard. Worn by the likes of Kanye West, Craig David and 50 Cent, the Rap Industry Standard beard is a great beard for transitioning from day to night. This facial hair style, as the name suggests, was made popular in the 90’s by old school rappers.

The Rap Industry standard beard consists of a very thin chin strap, running from one sideburn to the other. The success of this beard rests on this hair being very thin and well maintained. As well as the thin chin strap, there should be a very thin goatee circling the upper lip and joining the chin strap.

Confidence is key.

The Rap Industry Standard beard looks great on men with round faces, as the shape of the beard emphasizes the chin and creates the illusion of a chiseled face. But most importantly this beard should be worn with confidence.

We can all agree that a rapper exudes confidence, and regardless of face shape, the beard should be worn with pride. Keeping the hair on your head in check will also help finish off the whole look, as well as keeping your skin in great condition.

How to grow and trim the Rap Industry Standard beard

The Rap Industry Standard beard should be kept at a very short length, to keep it looking its best. Which means you do not have to worry about any lengthy period of growing out before you begin to style the facial hair. Letting the hair grow for between 1-2 weeks should be sufficient.

At any point, this beard should not be over 5mm in width. This means it can be a very tricky style to perfect at home, as the lines need to be very precise. That is not to say it is unachievable, but we think it is probably best to see your barber for the first shave.

If you are attempting to shave this in at home, be sure to invest in an excellent precision trimmer as well as a top quality razor. Everything other than the chin strap and the thin goatee should be shaved. Pay particular attention to the neck, ensuring everything below the chin strap is removed; stray hairs on the neck can ruin the whole look.

Use your trimmer to keep the remaining hair short and neat. Due to this short length, there will be no time consuming styling involved. Simply run a little beard oil through the hair to keep it hydrated and looking amazing.

Maintaining the Rap Industry standard

Because of the precise nature of the beard, it means that you are going to be trimming and shaving often. Probably best done every other day. This means that investing in a great shaving foam is a must. This will help reduce any irritation caused by the regular shaving as well as lower the chance of cutting yourself.

Moisturizing the skin daily and using a good beard oil will complement the whole look and keep you looking great. Radiating the confidence of a rapper for your peers to admire.