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Everything you need to know about the Salvador Dali mustache. > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Everything you need to know about the Salvador Dali mustache.
Salvador Dali Mustache, a facial hair style

Famous for his surrealist paintings, the Spanish artist Salvador Dali is also known for his iconic facial hair. This is one of the most fun and eccentric facial hair styles a man can rock.

Famously, Dali was questioned as to whether his mustache was a joke. He simply and confidently replied that his mustache was in fact, the only serious thing about him.

Who should wear the Salvador Dali mustache?

As with many facial hair styles, we think the Dali mustache looks particularly good on men with oval faces. However, if you are thinking of sporting this mustache, the reality is you probably care very little for how the facial hair correlates to your face shape.

This mustache is for men who love to stand out. It is playful and fun and will most definitely turn heads. The Dali mustache takes a great amount of styling as well as upkeep so is suited to someone who has the spare time to offer their facial hair.

How to get the Salvador Dali mustache

To attain this facial hair style, you are going to need two things: lots of patience, and even more beard wax.

Everywhere else on the face should be shaved, other than above the top lip. The process of growing out the mustache can be long, and you will probably not begin to witness the real fruits of your labour until after the 3 month mark.

It is essential at all times to keep the rest of your face clean shaven. Investing in good quality products such as your razor, shaving foam, and alcohol free moisturizer will keep your skin looking great even with this regular shaving.

As for the mustache itself, this requires daily styling with beard wax. Use your comb each day to part the hair down the center, training your hair to sit in the correct direction. Rub beard wax through the hair and twist upwards at the end. A generous amount of wax will be required to get the mustache to sit in this style.

Remember to keep the mustache hair trimmed and thin. This will give a more authentic look as well as make styling much easier.

Experimenting with the Salvador Dali mustache

Once your mustache has reached a long length you can have some fun playing around with the style. Use your wax and bring the hair to a sharp point or wrap the hair around a pencil to cause it to curl at the edges.

In its most pure form, this mustache should be worn with no other facial hair. However, some men chose to sport it with some hair on the chin such as a goatee or even a ducktail beard.

The possibilities for the Dali mustache are endless.

Final thoughts on the Dali mustache

The Salvador Dali mustache is great for the man who wants to express his creative side, and generally have some fun with his facial hair. This is a facial hair style which is definitely not for the faint hearted and requires a great deal of time and commitment.