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The short boxed beard – perfect for every occasion. > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > The short boxed beard – perfect for every occasion.
Short Boxed Beard, a facial hair style

A short boxed beard is a great alternative to a full beard. Sitting somewhere between a full beard and a corporate beard, it can be a great choice for a man who wants something a little more formal.

A short boxed beard should be trimmed to a short length. It should be sculpted and styled into a neat, tidy shape. The short boxed beard compliments a range of hairstyles and face shapes. If you have a rounded face, the straight angles of the boxed beard will compliment your face making it appear more chiseled and mature. George Clooney often rocks the short boxed beard, showing just how good it can look on the more mature man.

We love the short boxed beard as it is nothing but versatile. It transitions seamlessly from the office to the dance floor, and compliments men who wear a range of styles.

How to grow the short boxed beard.

Because of the relatively short length of this facial hair, you will only need to grow your beard out for around 3 weeks.

As long as you have the right tools for the job, you should have no problem creating yourself an immaculate short boxed beard at home. You will however need a good beard trimmer, a razor, quality shaving foam/gel and a beard brush.

As is always the case with shaving, preparation is key. Rinse your face with warm water to open the pores and hydrate the skin before shaving. Lather the cheeks and neck with shaving foam using your brush, to prevent any cuts, nicks, or irritation occurring.

The Short Boxed Beard, who it suits best

The short boxed beard looks great with a high cheek line. The hair should run from the top of the sideburn, curving at the bottom of your ears until it meets the corner of your mouth. Whilst doing this, ensure you shave in small strokes, regularly checking the beard is remaining symmetrical. Keeping the sideburns relatively wide at the top will make the curve of the cheek line less dramatic.

This cheek line can drastically change the shape of your face, emphasizing high cheekbones and defining the jawline. Remove all hairs above the cheek line with your razor, ensuring this is done regularly to keep the beard looking smart.

As with most facial hair styles, be sure to remove the hair around the Adam’s apple. This keeps the style neat and sophisticated. Define the bottom border of your facial hair which should be an oval where the center is one inch above your Adam’s apple, and the edges sit at either side of your jaw. All hair below this line should be removed.

The mustache hair should not pass over the top lip. But can be styled to whatever length you prefer. Keeping the mustache and soul patch neatly trimmed will enhance your short boxed beard.

Short Boxed Beard Maintenance and Upkeep

The short boxed beard is a neat and refined look and does not require much styling. Trimming the beard and shaving around every 3 days should be sufficient to keep your short boxed beard looking great. Making sure your beard is conditioned regularly and well as oiled will keep the hair hydrated, nourished, and looking immaculate.