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The playful Super Mario Mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > The playful Super Mario Mustache
Super Mario Mustache, a facial hair style

Have you ever seen Super Mario without his mustache? Well if you have not, then do not. It does not look right. The man is unrecognizable without his signature facial hair.

This is a fun, playful, and surprisingly hard to perfect look. It is a handlebar mustache with scalloped edges on the bottom. An unbelievably unique style that will definitely get people talking.

Who wears the Super Mario mustache?

Well, aside from Mario and Luigi themselves, this mustache is reserved for men who do not take themselves too seriously.

This style works best on men with dark hair. Blonder men will struggle to achieve the definition this style requires, therefore should not attempt this look. Darker hair will make the mustache pop and create a striking look.

Like Mario himself, the mustache looks best on men with round faces. Due to the intricate nature of the mustache we have rarely seen men pull off this look. So, whatever face shape you have we implore you to give it a go.

How to trim the Super Mario mustache

With a style so complicated, we would normally recommend seeing a professional to trim in this style. However, we do appreciate that a slight level of embarrassment may be caused by visiting your highly respected barber and asking for the facial hair of a factional Italian plumber from your favorite game.

That being said, we are sure many men have given much stranger requests.

To style this look at home, grow out the hair as if you would a normal Handlebar mustache. You will require a thick and healthy hair growth the style this look, so if you have patchy hair this probably is not for you.

The remainder of the face, including the cheeks, neck and chin should all be cleanly shaven. This will enhance the beard and make it even more dramatic.

The difficulty comes with the shaping of the scalloped bottom. You will need a high quality beard wax and a large amount of patience. Take your time to curate the edge of the mustache, and then sit back and marvel at the wonder of your work.

Final thoughts on the Super Mario mustache

This mustache is an eccentric and playful style. Great for the man who wants to have some fun and play around with his facial hair.

The mustache will be easy to transition into other styles, such as a Handlebar or Painter’s Brush. If you are a man who loves to experiment with his facial hair, then why not give it a try.