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Everything you need to know about the Toothbrush mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Everything you need to know about the Toothbrush mustache
Toothbrush Mustache, a facial hair style

Toothbrush Mustache Origins

The Toothbrush mustache shot to fame at the beginning of the 20th century. Charlie Chaplin’s appearance in early motion pictures lead to the rise of this distinctive style. The Toothbrush mustache is essentially a small piece of hair, shaped like the soul patch, above the top lip. The rest of the face should be shaved clean.

This style of facial hair is undoubtedly one of the most powerful statements on the planet. There is no escaping the obvious connotations with Adolf Hitler. Although we wish the facial hair was still linked with Chaplin, the man who brought so much joy to so many, the reality is that the Toothbrush mustache is still known widely as the ‘Hitler mustache’.

Since the Second World War, very few men have tried to remove the links and breathe fresh air into the style. Michael Jordan sported the mustache in 2010, with varying degrees of success depending on who you ask.

What the Toothbrush mustache says about you

You care very little for what others have to say about you. For obvious reasons, many people are going to have a lot to say about this facial hair. Be that from close friends or random strangers.

If you are going to sport this look, then be prepared and have a response ready to justify your reasonings.

We are doubtful that there is a man on the planet who can pry the toothbrush mustache away from Hitler connotations. However, if you are planning to sport the look, then small mustaches generally suit the rounder faces better.

How to get the Toothbrush mustache

This is not a difficult style to perfect. You simply need to let the hair on your upper lip grow out and shave the rest of your face. The cheeks, chin and neck should all be completely clean shaven.

The mustache should not be more than two inches in length, and the edges of the hair should be trimmed sharply. For the toothbrush mustache to be complete, the hair should be very thick. Be sure to pay particular attention to your facial hair hygiene. Use a good quality beard shampoo to keep the hair looking great.

An alcohol free moisturizer should be used regularly on your face to keep the skin soft and looking great.

Use mustache wax to rub through the hair, ensuring the style will hold in place all day long.

Final thoughts on the toothbrush mustache

Whilst we wish this were not the case, the reality is that the world just is not ready for the Toothbrush mustache to make a comeback just yet.

We think opting for something like the Lampshade, or the Painter’s Brush mustache is a much better option. It will save you stress, worry and a lot of explaining. We hope that one day the style can be worn without the awful connotations, but in our opinion, 2020 is probably still a little too early for this.