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Van Dyke - Goatee Style Beard Facial Hair Style

The Van Dyke beard takes its name from the 18th century painter and consists of a goatee and mustache which are not connected.

The Van Dyke was once a facial hairstyle sported only by the more eccentric men among us. However, it has more recently been worn by the likes of Pierce Brosnan and David Beckham; catapulting it back into the limelight and turning it into a beard for the masses.

Who wears the Van Dyke Beard?

Although much more popular than previously, the Van Dyke beard still appears to be reserved for the more sophisticated men among us. The Van Dyke beard does take a substantial deal of skill to maintain, so is generally worn by men who have experience at mastering different styles of facial hair.

The Van Dyke beard looks great on men with longer faces. The design of the beard helps to round the face and create the illusion of a more balanced appearance.

Difference between Van Dyke and Goatee

Many men will make the mistake of confusing the Van Dyke with the goatee.

The classic goatee should have no mustache at all. As mentioned, the Van Dyke beard does have a mustache, but there should be a clear gap between the hair above the upper lip, and that on the chin. The cheeks should also be cleanly shaven.

The Van Dyke does leave a little room for experimenting with sideburns, giving you the freedom to tailor them to a length which complements your face.

How to grow a Van Dyke

As with pretty much every facial hair style, the key is to let the facial hair grow out for a little while first. We recommend at least 4 weeks of growth before you begin to shape the Van Dyke beard. As the beard grows thicker, be sure to regularly wash with shampoo and conditioner to keep it looking great.

Determine where you want the edges of the mustache to be. Most men let the width of the mustache just surpass the edges of the mouth. However, you can make these slightly longer and use wax to style for a more unique look.

Shave the cheeks cleanly, forming the iconic goatee shape on your chin. Do the same shave on your neck, ensuring all stray hairs are removed.

Use your trimmer to neaten up the goatee. We think the Van Dyke looks great when both the mustache and goatee are kept at a similar length. However, some men chose to rock a slightly longer beard which can also look really cool.

Maintaining the Van Dyke beard

Use a mustache comb and scissors to regularly trim your mustache, ensuring the length does not surpass the upper lip. This can cause the whole look to begin to look unkempt.

Keep the cheeks and neck cleanly shaven at all times, to keep the sophisticated look of the beard.

Use a little beard oil in the goatee, and a small amount of wax in the mustache for styling. This daily routine will keep the overall look amazing.