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How to rock the Walrus mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to rock the Walrus mustache
Walrus Mustache, a facial hair style

Getting its name from its resemblance to the muzzle of a Walrus, this facial hair is a thick, bushy mustache that is grown right down over the bottom lip. Some men have even referred to the Walrus mustache as a beard on the upper lip.

It is pretty much as heavy as a mustache can get. We love the unique and striking look of this mustache.

Who wears the Walrus mustache?

The Walrus mustache is a great option for the man who loves full, thick facial hair, but does not want to sport a full beard.

The Walrus mustache manages to capture a balance between a fun and playful beard, and a tough guy attitude. The style is generally worn by the more mature man, who has experimented with different beard and mustache styles.

The unique nature of the Walrus mustache immediately demands respect. This is a look that will turn heads in every room you walk into. Your peers and the men around you will look on in awe.

How to grow the Walrus mustache

The Walrus Mustache takes an immense amount of patience. The key to its success it all about the thickness, so it essential you take your time and let the hair grow out.

So, it can take around 4 months until you witness your full Walrus mustache. If you are not used to sporting long facial hair, then it can take a little getting used to. Resist the urge to trim the mustache, letting the hair grow to cover your whole mouth.

Throughout the process of growing out your Walrus mustache, be sure to shave the rest of your face. The cheeks, chin and neck should all be cleanly shaven. Regularly apply an alcohol free moisturizer to your face to keep the skin hydrated and looking great.

The Walrus mustache does not require a rigorous styling regime, and waxes and balms will not be required as part of your daily routine. We do recommend using a sparing amount of beard oil.

Caring for your Walrus mustache

With the immense thickness of this facial hair, keeping it hygienic is key. The nature of the facial hair means that food and drink will inevitably make their way into your mustache. Investing in a great quality beard shampoo and conditioner will keep the beard looking and smelling amazing.

Use your mustache comb and a pair of small, sharp scissors to trim your Walrus mustache. This does not need to be done often, and a couple of times per month will probably be sufficient.