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How to rock the Wild West mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to rock the Wild West mustache
Wild West Mustache - a facial hair style

I take your Cowboy mustache, and I raise you… The Wild West mustache. Sitting somewhere between a Cowboy mustache and a Handlebar mustache, the Wild West is not for the faint hearted.

Who wears the Wild West Mustache?

We are firm believers that the Wild West mustache should not be reserved for cowboys only. This is a full, thick mustache that looks great on a range of men. The style is particularly flattering on men with triangle faces.

This look is a bold statement and is generally worn by men who have experimented greatly with their facial hair. Which is why nowadays the look is generally reserved for the more mature men among us. The Wild West mustache is not generally a man’s first rodeo.

How to get the Wild West mustache?

The key to a successful Wild West mustache is being patient. This thick, full mustache is going to take some serious time to grow out.

It will be around 3 months until the shape of the Wild West mustache begins to come into fruition. However, you will probably want to keep growing even after this point. A thick, full mustache is what we are trying to achieve.

The mustache should fill the entirety of the upper lip and the edges should reach as wide as possible. Some men grow the mustache out to the full width of the cheek.

We recommend using either beard balm or wax to style the Wild West mustache. Sparingly applying product is the key to a successful wild west mustache. The mustache should look rugged and effortless.

Caring for and maintaining the Wild West mustache

Use your mustache comb and scissors to regularly trim the mustache. Although the length of the mustache should cover your upper lip, be sure to let it grow no further. The rest of your face, including the chin, should be cleanly shaven.

Due to the thickness of this mustache, pay particular attention to your hygiene routine. Thoroughly wash regularly with beard shampoo and conditioner which will ensure the hair both looks and smells amazing.

Final thoughts on the Wild West mustache

The Wild West mustache is certainly only for a select few men among us. This is not a look you would wear in an office as it is considered unprofessional by many. However, it is certainly one of the most masculine styles of facial hair a man can sport.