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Wolverine Beard – How to grow and style the Wolverine X-Men Beard > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Wolverine Beard – How to grow and style the Wolverine X-Men Beard
Wolverine Beard, a facial hair style

There are very few people on earth who can deny the magnificence and masculinity of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. His beard is now infamous and the style will forever be tied to the name of his character in the X-Men series - Wolverine.

Who's the Wolverine Beard for?

If you love the look of mutton chops but are not quite ready for the drastic look. A wolverine beard may be for you. The wolverine beard is a great middle ground between fully fledged mutton chops and a full thick beard.

A man who rocks a wolverine beard is a man who exudes confidence and is not afraid to let his personality shine through via his facial hair.

There are a range of styles which all fall under the category of a wolverine beard. However, the thick, well defined sideburns, and clear part down the chin are features present in all the styles. We love the variety this beard has to offer, enabling any man to tailor it to suit his preferences.

How to grow the Wolverine beard

We think the best way to begin your journey to the Wolverine beard is to grow out your facial hair into a full beard. This may take around 6 weeks, depending on how fast your facial hair grows.

Using your beard trimmers, shave around an inch wide down the center of your chin. Once you have done this, taper the shave into a V shape towards the edges of your mouth. This can be very tricky so be sure to take you time and shave in small increments to avoid mistakes.

Wolverine sized decisions

At this point you can decide whether to soul patch or not to soul patch. Whilst wolverine does not normally rock a soul patch, Hugh Jackman himself does. Have some fun playing around with this until you find a style that suits your face.

You will then need to taper the cheek hair down towards your mustache. It can be very difficult to keep everything symmetrical. Using a beard shaper can be beneficial for your first time to help guide the shape.

The hair on your neck should be removed but do not feel the need to create a strict defined line signifying the end of your beard. The Wolverine beard should have a rugged, manly feel to it that should not be defined by a rule book.

Care for your Wolverine beard

Although we love the effortless and masculine look of the Wolverine beard, keeping it in great condition will prevent it from becoming unruly and unkempt. Beard oils filled with vitamins can be applied in a few seconds each morning and will keep your hair and skin hydrated. Beard oils will also keep the ends of your hair in great condition and prevent them looking dry and scraggly.