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The Yeard Beard, a Facial Hair Style

Is your stubble not even scratching the surface of your facial hair dreams? Is a full beard not man enough for you? Then how about your try a Yeard, one whole year, 365 days of uninterrupted beard growth.

The Yeard is not for the faint hearted.

The Yeard takes true commitment, time, and of course plenty of grooming. Growing a Yeard does not simply mean you ignore the hair on your chin for a full year, in fact it is quite the opposite. Your beard will need lots of care and attention to prevent it from looking unruly over the following 12 months.

The Yeard gives people an insight into your personality, they can see you are bold and happy to follow your own path. People will also begin to make assumptions about your occupation, as most corporate jobs do not boast many employees sporting a Yeard.

The Yeard works particularly well on men with round faces, as the tremendous length elongates the face evening out the roundness.

To trim or not to trim

Whereas some Yeard professionals would claim that ‘trimming’ is cheating, we believe it is the best way to go. Obviously, no hairs growing vertically should be trimmed. But using beard trimmers or scissors to cut away any unruly stray hairs can make your look much slicker and give you the encouragement to persevere with your Yeard.

Trim your mustache, or alternatively curl it at the edges to ensure it does not go over your top lip. This will keep your long beard looking stylish and groomed.

When growing a beard to such a length, it is imperative that you keep it in the best condition possible. Regularly condition your facial hair with beard oils to keep it shiny and full of life.

The stages of the Yeard

The initial month should bring you a decent stubble, and at this point your facial hair should be in great condition. Do not let this prevent you from treating it well. Treating your hair and skin well now will set the right foundation for the months to come.

The true test of a man growing the Yeard will come in months 2-4. Where your beard is way more than stubble, and yet patchiness may still exist. At this point, taking excellent care of your beard is crucial. It can become itchy and your skin can become irritated at this length. So be sure to use beard oils, particularly those filled with Vitamin E, to keep the skin and hair in the best condition possible.

By month 6 you will be rocking a full beard and be the envy of your peers. Be sure to shampoo and condition daily. Invest in a good beard brush to remove and dirt and grime. Remember to trim away any unruly stray hairs travelling horizontally, but do not be tempted to trim away at the bottom.

When month 12 rolls around you have reached peak beard. Mastering the Yeard is not for the faint hearted so you should be extremely proud of yourself.