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How to perfect the Zappa mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to perfect the Zappa mustache
The Zappa, facial hair style

About the Zappa

The Zappa facial hair is similar to the Horseshoe and soul patch combination, but with its own unique flair.

It is a combination of a thick bushy mustache, which curves downwards past the edges of the mouth, but not to the same length as a horseshoe would. There should also be a thick soul patch just under the bottom lip. This should be a rectangle shape sitting just above the chin.

This style is sometimes accompanied by some light stubble on the cheeks and neck.

Who wears the Zappa mustache?

Aside from the singer-songwriter Frank Zappa himself, the Zappa mustache is worn by a range of men. It is normally sported by more mature men.

In addition, the Zappa is more than likely going to be considered as inappropriate in the corporate world. So, if your career is office based, then probably give the Zappa a miss.

As with most facial hair styles, the Zappa looks great on men with oval shaped faces. However, we think this style looks really good on men with square shaped faces, as the style emphasizes a chiseled jawline.

How to grow the Zappa mustache

Similar to most facial hair styles, the key to successfully creating the Zappa mustache is to first grow out a full beard. Due to the multiple components of this facial hair style, it is essential to let the beard grow out for around 6 weeks before beginning to trim. This may take a little longer, depending on how quick your facial hair grows.

The next step is then to trim the neck, cheeks, and chin with your electric razor. Be careful to keep the thick soul patch in place. This is key to the identity of the Zappa mustache.

At this point, you can decide whether you prefer to have a short stubble across the rest of the face, or to full shave it all. If you are opting for stubble, continue with your electric razor until the desired length is reached. This is normally around 4mm.

Next, you should clearly define the edges of your mustache and soul patch, carefully trimming around the perimeter of each.

If you prefer to keep the rest of the face cleanly shaven, then repeat the same process with your razor. Be sure you use top quality shaving foam and shave slowly and carefully when close to the mustache and soul patch.

Maintaining the Zappa mustache

The Zappa mustache does not demand a huge deal of your time. The variety the style offers means the rest of the face does not have to be constantly kept clean shaven, so have some fun playing around with the length of your stubble. The mustache and soul patch should be thick and bold, so will only require trimming around once per week. This should be done using a mustache comb and a pair of small, sharp, facial hair scissors.