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The iconic Verdi beard – Everything you need to know > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > The iconic Verdi beard – Everything you need to know
The Verdi Beard, a facial hair style

For the man who wishes to distinguish himself in a crowd, the Verdi is a great choice.

The Verdi beard is a masculine, mature beard that requires a great deal of styling. The Verdi beard consists of a relatively short, but full beard as well as a styled to perfection mustache. When styled correctly, the Verdi oozes confidence and will turn heads in any room.

Although this style of facial hair dates to the 19th century, the Verdi beard is growing in popularity in 2020 and is no longer reserved for hipsters only.

There is no denying that this look suits the more mature man. The Verdi looks great when paired with a handlebar mustache and is usually sported by men who have played around with their facial hair over the years. Many men land on the Verdi when they have mastered the basics of styling and caring for their facial hair.

How to grow the Verdi.

Begin growing out your facial hair as you would for any full beard. We recommend at least 6 weeks of growth before you begin to shape the unique Verdi Style.

The Verdi belongs to the full beard family but does have its own distinctive style. The sideburns should be trimmed narrow and the cheek hair should be kept very neat. The hair on the cheek should be trimmed shorter and thinner than that in the lower beard. This gradual effect helps shape the face and enable the overall look to appear more refined.

The mustache should be disconnected from the beard, this is a key feature of a Verdi beard. It is important to keep the mustache regularly trimmed and ensure that it never passes over the top lip. So, the area around the corners of your mouth will require regular shaving to keep the style looking great.

Another key feature of the Verdi beard is its rounded bottom. There is a little flexibility in the length of a Verdi beard, but it should not be any longer than 10cm. Once you have reached the desired length, you should carefully use your trimmer to begin to shape the beard, being cautious not to remove too much hair at any given time. Working incrementally will put you in the best position to avoid dramatic mistakes.

Caring for your Verdi beard.

The Verdi beard is sophisticated and to retain this title your facial hair needs to be kept in great condition.

We prefer the option of beard wax for styling the Verdi beard. Although oil will help, wax offers the reassurance that your styling will stay in place all day long. Rub a little wax through the ends of the beard to keep the shape nicely formed and the ends looking hydrated.

Style your mustache however best suits your taste, we personally think a handlebar mustache is a great option. Be sure to keep the mustache distinctly separate from the beard.

The Verdi is one of our favorite facial hair styles. The freer full beard coupled with a styled mustache gives a sophisticated and mature look that many other facial hairs struggle to capture. There is no denying that when you have mastered the Verdi beard you will be the envy of those around you.