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The Rockwell 6S Review



About the Rockwell Series

In the world we live in, first impressions count for everything. Traditionally, ladies have a solid grasp of this fact. As such, they spend a lot of hours on the mirror ‘sprucing’ themselves up, getting ready to take on the world. However, many men are still lagging on this. Times have changed, and male grooming is not something to frown upon. If anything, you'll earn points with that special someone if they notice you take good care of yourself.

With that said, you need to have the right tools in hand to have the best grooming experience ever. In the case of wet shaving, one of the best safety razors you can pick is the Rockwell 6S. Rockwell is not a well-known brand – some still see it as a newcomer in comparison to other brands. Its' origins actually come from crowdfunding campaigns on It delivers and turns up the competition like you would expect from a brand that takes its job seriously.

Rockwell 6 Series, and how the 6S compares to the 6C

The Rockwell 6 safety razor is a series that has two models. These include the 6C and the 6S. There are some differences between the two, but overall, both deliver a great shaving experience.

One of the main differences between the two is the material used in their construction. The 6S has a stainless steel construction while the 6C has a zinc alloy with a beautiful chrome finish.

Chrome vs. Steel Finish

Many of the safety razors that have a chrome finish look great, but chrome is prone to fading and chipping over time. Unfortunately, this degradation will occur regardless of the maintenance and care you afford the razor. The general loss of beauty of the chrome finish is typically caused by the hot and humid environment in the bathroom.

But if this is the case, then why are chrome safety razors popular and common. Well, for one, they are less expensive. Their prices usually start around $20 for a decent looking and good quality razor. But if you are not concerned with quality, you can also find razors for less than $20.

On the other hand, stainless steel safety razors like the Rockwell 6S last longer since they are protected from corrosion caused by the heat and humidity in the bathroom. From that brief overview, you now understand how two similar razors like the Rockwell 6C and 6S can be so similar but yet different.

Rockwell 6S Features

  • Has space-grade stainless steel
  • Has a three-piece design
  • Made in the US
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Comes with 5 DE blades
  • Available in (4) colors - Red, Blue, Black Matte, Silver Matte

Pros and Cons


  • It’s rust and corrosion-proof
  • Has three plates which offer adjustability
  • Has a functional and beautiful design


  • It’s expensive, at a cost of $100 it's twice as expensive as the 6C.

What to Expect from the 6S

Easy to Load Blades

The Rockwell 6S is a 3-piece razor. As such, it has a handle, a head base, and a top. To load your blade, you need to disassemble the parts to get to the blade plate. When you compare this process to that of a twist or a two-piece design, it is a little harder and longer but not overly complicated.

But on the bright side, it gives you a chance to do a thorough cleaning when all these parts are detached. With a clean razor, you will reduce the risk of infection in case you nick or cut yourself.


The Rockwell 6S doesn’t disappoint when it comes to aggressiveness. You see, it features a flappable base design. With this design, the razor has different exposure settings on every side. There are a total of 6 settings you can choose from depending on your shaving goals and needs.

  • Size 1 – 0.38 mm exposure
  • Size 2 – 0.56 mm exposure
  • Size 3 – 0.72 mm exposure
  • Size 4 – 0.84 mm exposure
  • Size 5 – 0.94 mm exposure
  • Size 6 – 1.12 mm exposure
Rockwell Razor Sizes

So which setting is best for which situation? Good question.

Sizes 1-3 are perfect for those men with sensitive skin and those who shave often. Also, the minimal exposure allows for a lot of mistakes without having severe repercussions. It’s, therefore, ideal for wet shaving beginners.

Size 2-4 these are ideal for achieving a smooth and clean shave on regular skin. It is also ideal for men who shave after a couple of days.

Lastly, size 5 and 6 are ideal for trimming coarse and curly hair.


The 6S has a strong metallic handle that comes with deep knurling and horizontal grooves. Because of these details, the grip is better. The razor will not slip even if you have wet and soapy hands.


The razor measures 3.75 inches. But the handle is only 3.54 inches long, which is standard for those men with small and medium hands.

For added comfort, you can rest your pinky at the bottom of your handle. This position will also afford you better control.


Even though Rockwell is a ‘new’ brand, it holds its own against the established brands. And in the case of Rockwell 6S and 6C, it more than outshines itself. The razor is perfect for beginners and experts alike. If you want to buy a Rockwell razor, you can do it directly from the Rockwell Web Shop.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. G

    May 4, 2021 at 12:02 pm

    Thank you for the review. I understand there is a difference between blade exposure and blade gap. Your review indicates blade exposures though they seem excessive for the actual 6S blade gaps. Also, it’s my understanding that Rockwell changed their blade gaps listing on their site. For those also interested in the blade gaps, here they are for the 6S as listed at the Rockwell site:

    R1: 0.008″ (0.20 mm)
    R2: 0.014″ (0.35 mm)
    R3: 0.019″ (0.48 mm)
    R4: 0.024″ (0.61 mm)
    R5: 0.027″ (0.69 mm)
    R6: 0.031″ (0.79 mm)

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